Wordpress Website Design

Since the release of its first version in 2003, WordPress has grown remarkably. WordPress website is made using the open-source WordPress application written in PHP & MySQL. It is a DIY website building tool and enables you to get a website without much effort. This is a sterling platform for making a diverse range of websites, which can be used for different purposes. Right from blogging to business having a good portfolio to e-commerce, WordPress is apt for all.

The Power of WordPress


WordPress is a powerful yet easy website builder and Content Management System (CMS). This is the reason for the popularity of WordPress. Not only a small business but Fortune 500 and other famous companies are using WordPress for blogs, websites and online selling outlets. As per a study by W3techs, of total global active websites, 30% are powered by WordPress. Also, it has a 58.55% share in the CMS market. Looks great!

You might be thinking what makes this tool crowd-pleasing! The reason is not one or two. There are numerous benefits of it like easy to manage, easy navigation, SEO friendly, responsive web designs, value-adding plug-ins are to name some. Furthermore, it lets you see comments, likes, etc., instantaneously.

Cited below are the examples of some big names that are using WordPress.

  • Capegemini
  • Qube Global Software
  • Franchising Holding International
  • Bi-Rite Marke

The above mentioned WordPress players belong to the different segment including E-Commerce & Public Company. So, you can imagine the efficacy of WordPress website. And fame is not baseless. We have already gone through its advantages. In short, WordPress is like a powerhouse having much to offer. The user experience that website powered by WordPress offer is top-notch, which exceeds the expectations of website owners.

Developing & Designing WordPress Website

WordPress sites are easy to make and you can easily modify the content whenever needed, without any help of professionals. If you want to get a website built by professionals with the advantage of managing it on own once it is ready, then the WordPress website is the right fit. The web development company in India will create a fully-functional website and will handover to you. You can change the content, including text & graphics, when you feel like. It is not a problem!

And when it comes to WordPress Website Development with Neel Networks, you will find it more fruitful. Being a decade-old website builder India, we have the right talent that knows the power of dynamism and are ingenious. Before initiating the task, we discuss your requirements, analyses the same and reach to a solution. The intent is to serve you with the best.

The below-mentioned features are covered in WordPress Website created by us along with technical assistance till our association.

  • Domain & hosting
  • Up to 10 Web Pages
  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Fully Tailored Solutions
  • Fast Installation

Cost Factor

For providing actual cost, we need to know what you expect from us because the cost differs according to the page & level of customization. This is needed to calculate the input hours. However, to give an approximate idea, we have the beginning price of our service. The starting cost of a WordPress website design & development service is $200. This site has elemental features.