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Smartphones are growing way faster than PC and now there is more smartphone in the world than computers. One must tap this revolution for his benefit. Using the smartphones effectively, every business can now effectively reach the remotest corners on the earth. If you are not utilising this wave, you are making a fatal mistake for your business. Smartphones are smaller, smartphones are often faster and smartphones are mobile. All of these are making the smartphones totally penetrate every demography in the world. You should seek and employ an app development company, discuss your ideas and tell them exactly how you wish to make money. Any decent mobile app development company will be able to deliver your requirements but choosing a company with a proven track record, like ACSIUS, brighten your chances to getting it correct at the lowest possible cost and efforts.

Developing a Mobile App

Now, you are au courant that mobile app is the essence of the internet world. Before moving ahead, let’s have a look at another fact that better highlights the importance of the mobile application. According to Statista, the cumulative figure for revenue from in-app purchases, mobile ads & downloads is projected to reach around $188 billion by 2020; it was $88 billion in 2016.

To capture an extra-colossal number of audiences, it is vital to develop apps in different forms. It helps in raising the revenue too. There are mainly two platforms for which mobile app must be developed – Android & iOS. In general, those who do not have a mobile application for at least one these 2 platforms generate half of the revenue of those who have.

These days, the devices are becoming smart and to keep up with the demand, the developers need to be smarter. For building an impeccable app, the creator must know various languages like HTML5, C, C++, Java, Object Pascal, etc.


Approaches for Creating Mobile App

When it comes to developing a mobile application, four options are available.

  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Progressive Web Apps
Obviously, all these have positive & negative points. The need is to choose the right alternative, depending upon the required features, timeframe, expected UX, and budget.


The app development process has two main aspects -

  • Front-end: It is that part of the application which is available on the mobile device, which is visible to the users.
  • Back-end: It the crucial part supporting the front-end.

To serve the client with a mobile application that is capable of providing un-interrupted user experience, the developer must be adept who can understand the exact requirements of the client and provide with the tiptop application.

Cost Element?

Finding a cheap app developer isn’t hard but hiring proficient one is. Availing mobile application development services from Grace Web Service costs $500 for elementary application and the cost increases with the increase in functionality. We might not have the lowest prices but surely have the highest quality.

Working with Grace Web Service – Rationale?

Using an app is convenient, but to build a user-friendly mobile application, the developer needs to consider multiple factors. Thus, the developer must have a combination of knowledge & experience. At Grace Web Service, you will get the needed expertise.Owing to our 10+ year presence, weassure youto provide with an enticing, glitch-free and secure mobile applicationthat confirms higher sale figures.


Android App Development

Android is currently one of the leading operating system controlling millions of Smart Phone. At Atechnocrat we have highly trained Android App Developers. We are a leading Mobile App Development Services Provider in Delhi which offers cost-effective Android Application Development. Every Business who is willing to expand in the field of App industry always starts their ventures with an Application developed on Android. Contact us for new applications for devices running the Android operating system as it’s recommended because of its ease of use, flexibility, adaptability, and security.

IOS App Development

IOS Operating System is owned by Apple. Every apple devices whether iPhone, iPad, or iWatch run on particular versions of IOS. Whereas if you have a business and want to target premium users of Apple Smartphones then you must have an application which runs perfectly over it. At Atechnocrat we help our customers to build a great IOS Application to promote their business via the Apple App Store. Our IOS app Development services are highly recommended for both small and large scale business. Have an IOS application developed by our skilled team and renovate your ideas into corporal reality.

Cross Platform Application

Today technical advances have made things possible to run a similar application on different devices. But those apps need to be developed on a cross-platform so that it can easily and smoothly function. Recently there is a rise of a trend called bring your own device (BYOD) which is making corporate to develop their application in such that it can reach the maximum number of audience. Corporate has now realized that they need Mobile App which can operate on different sized mobile devices, with different operating systems having different mobile networks. Hire us for all your Cross-Platform App needs.