Top 10 Online Database App Builders to Create your PM Tool

Initially with static pages only, web development technologies such as scripting language allowed for more dynamic websites and web apps. Now, these technologies have advanced significantly to include APIs, web development frameworks, online work platforms, apps marketplace, and software-as-a-service. In addition, online app builders are giving users the power to create their own business tools. Companies of all sizes, especially small and mid-sized enterprises, now have ready access to affordable and customizable web applications to boost their productivity and profitability.

The Top 10

In spite of the great number of choices, some companies and organizations with unique requirements are still looking for online applications that will work specifically for them. Below are our favorite ten that not only provide dependable core functions but also flexible technical platforms for the best possible combination.

1. Kohezion (* Editor’s Choice *)

Kohezion is an online database and application builder from TGMT Systems, a privately held software company based in Gatineau, QC, Canada. A true no-code business solution, users are able to easily and quickly transform their data from spreadsheets into relational database systems. A drag-and-drop app builder enables them to create custom web apps that specifically address their requirements. They can create apps that handle client information, contacts, tasks, and schedules, or link them together for an end-to-end solution. With built-in collaboration tools, teams can share files, post comments, display powerful dashboards, and integrate with Dropbox. Standard pricing of $5 per user per month with full access to all features, unlimited applications, and priority support makes it very affordable. A turnkey solution by the company is available, as well as a free 14-day trial period.

2. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is one of the more than 25 online applications that have been launched by Zoho Corporation. It allows the user to easily build custom applications without the need for a developer or an extensive knowledge of programming. It is an app builder that uses drag-and-drop action and rules-based logic. It can get data from different sources but keep yours in one central place. The variety of apps that can be built is great including for project monitoring, project plans, and tasks. It also has apps that integrate with iOS and Android devices.

3. Caspio

Caspio is a cloud-based platform that offers ready-made web applications as well as point-and-click tools to make your own. It allows users to create their own forms, reports, and database applications to help them run their business without being restricted by long and costly application development. Caspio, Inc., is a privately-held Silicon Valley company that provides a complete solution of online database software, app builder, cloud infrastructure and expert support. It also has a wide selection of instant apps that include task management and a very flexible price plan.

4. Knack

Knack is a simple online database and app builder based in New York City, USA. It does this in three steps which are defining the database, building the interface, and sharing the data. From its experience in helping companies build online databases and web applications, it has recognized similar requirement patterns. Therefore, they made it easy by creating the building blocks of the applications for these requirements. Some of these applications are store locators, job portals, and for project management.

5. TeamDesk

TeamDesk is an easily accessible online database software by Long Grove, Illinois-based ForeSoft Corporation. With the help of many predefined database templates such as for project management and other business and industry-specific applications, users can build their database and customize their web-based application solutions. Clients all over the world are very satisfied with the flexibility of the software as well as the excellent customer support provided.

6. TrackVia

TrackVia is a business application platform with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Building an application can be started by uploading a spreadsheet containing data or starting from scratch. Users can then follow the step-by-step guide to build their own reports, dashboards, and input forms or connect to other web applications. It also has pre-built applications that provide complete business solution applications such as project management that has time tracking, milestones, automated reminders, reporting, and collaboration.

7. Podio

Podio: A Citrix company with offices in Copenhagen, Denmark; and San Francisco, CA, USA. Podio is a work management platform with integrated chat, social collaboration, project management, and automated workflows features. It is a highly flexible software that enables users to customize according to their specific structure and processes, easily include external partners for fast communication and collaboration, use data visualization on dashboards and reports, and provide granular administration control over user access. Apps are components that users can choose and combine from their Marketplace to create their own solutions using drag-and-drop technology. It also integrates with online file-sharing services and other productivity apps, has extensions created by third-party developers, and email integration. The open API and mobile SDK allow users to build their own custom integrations.

8. QuickBase

Quick Base is an online database platform that can be used for any business solution. When a company’s data is stored online, it can be accessed anywhere by the people who need it at any time. It offers many kinds of web applications to make sense of this data. For example, it has ready-to-use project management, CRM or customer service solutions. Users can take advantage of team collaboration and full customization features.

9. ZenBase

ZenBase: An online database application builder created by Kayson Group Ltd, the Hong Kong-based creator of phpGrid. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, even non-technical users can create their business applications in minutes. Data can be created from scratch or imported easily through a simple form. Some of the solutions that can be created on an accessible online platform are project management applications, product catalog, inventory management, employee directory and more. The hosted database service that supports role-based user and table permission control allows users to create, update, read and delete records, and use many interactive and inline editing controls, including images, progress bars, autocomplete texts and more.

10. Zengine

Zengine: An online database management platform from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania-based WizeHive. Non-technical business users can build powerful data-driven applications quickly with different workspace templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop forms builder, or by importing data from a spreadsheet. It has advanced features, APIs, Javascript developer tools, and a plugin marketplace that further enhances a flexible relational database application that links data to tasks, files, and activities. Customer success stories always mention customer support’s passion and care to assist clients.


All these app builders have the ability to help a company build its own custom web applications. Quick Base and Knack seem to be more suitable for companies with a large database. Zoho Creator and Caspio are ideal for the more technical user as it allows for a high degree of customizability in the kind of applications that can be built. TrackVia and Zoho Creator leverage their easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, while Quick Base offers several feature-rich, pre-built project management solutions, such as for simple projects and budgets, or the complete project manager apps.

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