The Best YouTube Marketing Techniques in 2020


YouTube has always been a popular source of entertaining content. It has gradually become an essential tool for digital marketers. 48% of all the marketers plan to add YouTube to their marketing strategy.

One-third of the total time online is spent on watching videos and YouTube comes with a billion active users. YouTube supports 76 different languages, accounting for 95% of the global population.

YouTube stands as the internet’s second largest search engine. It helps improve SEO and online presence. YouTube allows business marketers to present unique and authentic content that users can easily understand and relate to and also share. Hiring YouTube video marketing services is also not a hassle any more.

The entire YouTube marketing process works in the following steps:

  1. Creation and branding of a YouTube Channel.
  2.  Optimization of YouTube channel to facilitate SEO.
  3. YoutTube video creation.
  4. YouTube Marketing Strategy building.
  5. Understanding YouTube Analytics.
  6. Running YouTube Advertising campaign.

Following are the latest YouTube marketing techniques that will help you run a successful YouTube marketing campaign in 2020.

1. YouTube channel creation for business-

Before you begin with anything, open a Business Account on Google. When you create your YouTube channel with a regular Google Account, only the Google Account holder can login to the channel. If you create a YouTube channel with a business account, it allows multiple authorized Google Accounts can log in to the YouTube channel simultaneously.

2. Study your audience-

The YouTube channel for your business gives you access to the Analytics tab containing tons of stats related to your channel.

You will get quantitative insights on your channel, and the behaviour of your audience, along with your account view counts, average watch time, generated revenue, and rate of interaction across videos. The tab will also give you valuable and meaningful data on your subscriber demographics.
The Watch Time and Demographics analytics will help you answer questions like- Where is the audience viewing your videos? When are they watching it? What age-range does your audience belong to? What is the most common gender prevalence among your viewers?

If you track your audience demographics and see that the assumptions you had in mind about your subscribers are confirmed, then you are on the right track to reaching the right audience for your YouTube channel.

If you observe that your assumptions were inaccurate, you can adjust your content strategy accordingly so that you can reach the audience that is perfect for the growth of your business.
Besides the quantitative metrics, you can get qualitative data on the whys and hows about your audience, by closely following the comments from your audience.

3. Competition Research-

Competition research is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. If you want to get ahead of your competitors in your business niche, you have to put in considerable efforts into your competitive analysis. Most of the information that you need to understand the offerings of your competitors is available on their channels.

Take a look into your competitor’s YouTube channels and note the videos that have received the maximum and the minimum views. Watch the videos to get an understanding of what kind of videos your audience likes and prefers to watch.

Go through the video descriptions of your competitors and check out what keywords they are using for their YouTube Search Optimization. Use similar ones to boost your rankings in the YouTube SERPs.

4. Learn from your favourite channels-

While you are watching the YouTube channels you follow in your free time, ask yourself- What do these videos have that holds my attention? Why do I keep coming to this channel?

If you look closely and pay attention to the technicalities of the videos you follow, you will get to spot techniques and best practices that they are following to drive more views, subscriptions, and engagement.

Even if your favourite YouTubers do not belong to your niche of business, you can adapt their best strategies to increase your own YouTube following.

5. Video Optimization for SEO to drive videos-

You need to optimize your YouTube videos if you want to drive the best value out of your channel.
Compose an appealing title for every video; include all the relevant keywords. No one likes clickbait. Hence, make sure to make a title that is relevant to your topic. Try including exact keywords matching the common search terms in your niche. Keep it within 60 characters.
Create your own custom interesting thumbnail to help your content stand out.

Compose your video description with a short explanation speaking about the content of your video. Keep a list of links to your website and social media accounts, along with a list of hashtags.
Use a small number of hyper-relevant hashtags rather than an exhaustively long list. Follow the YouTube hashtagging rules.

Add cards, bumper cards, and watermarks to promote your channel. End your videos with a verbal call to “Like, share and subscribe.”

6. Upload and schedule video posting-

Once you are done creating a few well-optimized videos, consider putting them into rotation. Maintain professionalism and share content on a regular schedule.

You can upload and schedule your video posting in advance from the Creator Studio or with tools like Hootsuite, that allows you to cross-promote your video releases with posts on other social media channels from the single dashboard.

7. Channel optimization to drive more followers-

After you are done with optimizing your videos, you have to get on with optimizing your YouTube channel to drive more views and convert those viewers into regular subscribers.

Put in a keyword-rich bio, an eye-catching banner image, links to your website and social media platforms, location, and contact information.

You may also add a list of featured channels to your YouTube profile, giving your users easy access to other YouTube resources that might interest them. This adds value to your page.
Organize your videos into playlists and put sorted thought into it. Keep a logical progression of ideas from one video to the next.

Translate your videos and add subtitles to your YouTube videos.

8. Try YouTube Advertising-

If you have sufficient funds that you can spend, you can pay for YouTube advertising.
You can use skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, overlay ads, display ads, and sponsored carts.

The key to ace YouTube advertising is to create relevant, engaging, content that will not make viewers feel that they are watching an ad. Keep your ads short, entertaining, and hyper-targeted

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